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Selling Process

Discuss with a Realtor whether now is the right time to sell

  • Decide where you want to move to, and how much you'll need out of your current home to make the move you want.
  • Determine with your agent what value your home might bring in the current market.
  • If now is the time to sell, then it's time to list your home.

Find an Agent

Prepare the Home

Your Align Right REALTOR® will have photos taken of your home, and in many markets we'll build a 3D interactive walkthrough model. To prepare:

  • Clean thoroughly and hide clutter.
  • De-personalize the home.
  • Pack any valuable or sentimental items.
  • Fix minor maintenance items.
  • Discuss any major repairs/updates with your agent first.

Set Your Asking Price

Price is the most important factor in making your home competitive against other homes for sale. Your Align Right Agent will educate you on the pricing process so you can price your home to generate the highest and best offer the market will bear.

Estimate Your Home's Value

List Your Home in the MLS

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is the #1 resource real estate agents and consumers turn to when searching for a home. The various local MLS services around the country provide the major real estate search sites with data, including the site you are on now, Realtor.com, and most other sites. Listing your home in the MLS is where marketing begins.

Get Started Today

Maximize Marketing

Perception is reality in real estate marketing and our job is to Align your home with the right buyer. Align Right Realty as a brand holds our agents to a marketing standard that is a cut above. We include:

  • Professional Photos
  • Virtual &/or 3D Tour
  • Listing syndication to all major websites
  • Individual website for your home
  • Tour Video on YouTube
  • Virtual Tour promoted on social media
  • Yard Sign
  • Print Marketing
  • Open Houses
  • Text for Virtual Tour Feature
  • Instant Agent Chat

Generate Showings

Once your home is prepared for photos, you'll want to keep it in the same condition to be ready for showings at all times. While a small percentage of people are comfortable buying a home sight unseen, most buyers would like to tour the home before closing on it. Showing safety is very important and Align Right Realty provides PPE kits to all sellers including masks and gloves for every person touring the home, plus an info card asking each person to wear PPE and only touch things in the home with gloved hands. We ask that you hang a provided PPE kit on the outside doorknob when you leave the home prior to each showing so buyers and their agents can put on their PPE before entering your home.

Receive Offers

Negotiating you the highest and best price for your home is our #1 priority as your listing agent. In the current market, you may receive multiple offers to purchase your home. Your Align Right Agent will discuss the pros and cons of each offer with you, and negotiate to get you the price, terms, and timeline that best suit your individual situation.

Ratify a Contract

After negotiating the highest and best offer for your home, the contract will be ratified by buyer and you, the seller. The final execution of the contract constitutes the "Effective Date" of the contract, and is the date upon which all time periods in the contract will be calculated from, to include deadlines for escrow deposit remittal, inspections, appraisal, financing approval, survey, satisfying liens, and closing.

Inspection & Appraisal

After contracting to purchase your home, most buyers will require a Home Inspection and a Property Appraisal, both performed by licensed professionals.

The Inspector is hired by the buyer to inspect the condition of the home and all major systems and appliances. Additional inspections may be performed on ancillary systems to the home, such as septic, well, environmental factors, and subsidence.

The Property Appraiser is hired by either the Buyer's Lender (if the buyer is utilizing a loan) or the Buyer (if the buyer is paying cash.) The appraiser's primary role is to determine the value of your home in comparison to recently sold homes that are similar and in close proximity to your home, however if the Buyer is utilizing a VA or FHA loan, the Appraiser will also look at the condition of the home to ensure the home is safe, secure, sanitary, and structurally sound. If any issues arise with Inspection or Appraisal, additional negotiation may be necessary with regard to price and repairs. Rest assured, you will not be required to drop your price or make repairs unless you agree.

Loan Approval or Proof of Funds

Most buyers utilize a loan, and approval of that loan is often a contingency to the purchase. Deadlines for loan approval are set forth in the purchase agreement, and the buyer is required to perform based on those terms. If a buyer is paying cash, deadlines for proof of available funds will be stipulated in the contract.

Title Insurance

Most buyers require title insurance when purchasing a property. A Title Insurance Policy insures the lender and/or buyer against any unknown liens and encumbrances that might be placed on the property. If a loan is being utilized, title insurance will be required by the lender, but cash buyers usually require title insurance also.


A survey of the property is typically required to insure title. If a survey is ordered, the survey company will require access to the property. If you have a survey, and no changes have been made to the property, the survey may be re-certified in some cases.


The property closing is typically facilitated by the Title Company or Attorney that is insuring the title to the home, or a notary representative thereof. At the closing, both buyer and seller will sign all the necessary paperwork to transfer title and keys to the property from the seller to the buyer, and to transfer purchase funds from the buyer or lender to any lienholders and you, the seller. Buyer and seller may sign at the same place and same time, or closings may be performed separately, or even remotely. Some title companies and attorneys can even conduct closings with virtual notaries, if the lender approves.

Is now the time for you to sell?

To start the process, contact one of our amazing Agents at Align Right Realty today for a free home evaluation.